Enriching Your Capacities as an
Empowered Health Executive
Certificate Series Curriculum

Join Lori Counts, CFRE, Accordant Principal Consultant and Certified Executive Coach, to enhance your skills and health care executive leader.

This course is certified for 5 CFRE education points.

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Series Introduction with Instructor Lori Counts, CFRE

  • 2

    Qualities of Successful Philanthropic Leaders Course

    • Explore qualities of exceptional leaders, address the leadership gap in health care, examine common leadership traits of successful health care CEOs and learn how to strengthen these leadership qualities within yourself.

    • Qualities of Successful Philanthropic Leaders Wrap-up

    • Quiz

  • 3

    Developing Your Capabilities as a Health Care Executive Course

    • Determine how to recognize your leadership role in a health system, understand the shift from manager to executive, learn the difference between a philanthropy executive and a health care executive and learn how to demonstrate the powerful difference.

    • The CPO's Leadership Role in a Health System

    • Understanding the Shift from Manager to Executive

    • What is the Difference?

    • The Different Skills for Each Area

    • Quiz

  • 4

    Leading your Team to High Performance Course

    • Learn the hallmarks of leading a successful team, how to keep good talent and attract superstars, identify and build strengths within your team, as well as manage and embrace different points of view.

    • Hallmarks of Leading a Successful Team

    • How Do We Keep Good Talent and Attract Skilled Superstars?

    • Embracing Different Points of View Diversity & Inclusion

    • Identify and Build Strengths within Your Team

    • Quiz

  • 5

    Managing Accountabilities with Your Team Course

    • Define essential steps to create a climate of empowerment, manage accountability with performance management essentials and learn how to give and receive feedback through coaching.

    • Managing Accountabilities with Your Team

    • Create a Climate of Empowerment

    • The Importance of Performance Management

    • Quiz

  • 6

    Developing Accountability for Personal Career Growth Course

    • Learn how to define your purpose as a leader through personal and professional career growth inventories, explore time management skills and implement strategies for adapting to change.

    • What is Your Purpose?

    • Is There Alignment?

    • Is There Balance?

    • Quiz